Swipe over native scroller

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Jan 31 08:18:52 EST 2019

Did you try Terry script? Elanor did something similar this in the Listen module, it not very refined. Terry put time in it with subtle time parameters. I have yet to try it. It here on the list 

Terry, do we have a place for a repository for code snippits? Maybe you can put in on the forum.

I don't think  you are going to get response to the bug problem. I have been trying to get smooth scrolling for 3 years!  I think it is more a question of something deep in the engine that "can't be done", at least not cross platform. Otherwise they would have responded by now.

Here's Terry code from Dec. 20...Terry.... have improved it?

So, it seems like this approach works ok. Turned out there was an addition complication in that the items in my scrolling list are also selectable and I needed to prevent them being toggled on or off during a left/right swipe action. Anyway, this is what I ended up doing...

In the card script...

local pLoc, pTime, pV, pScroll

on touchStart pTouchID
   put the mouseLoc into pLoc
   put the millisecs into pTime
   put the scroll of grp "checkList" into pScroll
   put the mouseV into pV
end touchStart

on touchMove pTouchID, pTouchX, pTouchY
   put pV-pTouchY into tY
   put pScroll+tY into tScroll
   set the scroll of grp "checkList" to tScroll
end touchMove

on touchEnd pTouchID
   put the mouseLoc into pLoc1
   put (item 1 of pLoc)-(item 1 of pLoc1) into tX
   put (item 2 of pLoc)-(item 2 of pLoc1) into tY
   put the millisecs - pTime into tElapsed
   if abs(tX)>100 then # horizontal swipe
      if abs(tY)< 50 then # small vertical movement
         if tElapsed < 500 then # not too slow
            if tX > 0 then
               send "mouseUp" to grp "nextBtn"
               send "mouseUp" to grp "backBtn"
            end if
         end if
      end if
   end if
end touchEnd

And in the "checklist" script...

local pX

on mouseDown
   put the mouseH into pX
end mouseDown

on mouseUp
   if abs((the mouseH)-pX) > 50 then exit mouseUp
   # list selection code
end mouseUp


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    Thanks, I was afraid of that. I'll see if I can bump the bug report for 
    On 1/30/19 5:49 PM, Terry Judd via use-livecode wrote:
    >Not much of a workaround I'm afraid, but for a recent app (iOS and Android) I got rid of the native scroller and used the touch messages to both scroll the object and detect the swipes.

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