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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Jan 30 11:06:05 EST 2019

Is it 13 or -13? I didn't see an entry for -13, but negative errors are different. Also this may not be a complete list, or the sysError() function in LC may not have anything to do with *actual* OS X system errors, and finally you may be getting the actual last error the OS generated, but it has nothing to do with your problem. 

Bob S

> On Jan 29, 2019, at 17:16 , Paul Dupuis via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> So thanks for finding this. I was Googling things like "Livecode list of system errors" or "LiveCode sysError value list" and so on. I was hoping or thinking LiveCode might have a FAQ or some document on their website listing them.
> That said, I am not sure this page actually represents the values returned by the sysError() function in LiveCode. First of all it list two different errors with code "13":
> dsIrqErr = 13, /*uninstalled interrupt error*/
> sdmPRAMInitErr = 13, /*Slot PRAM could not be initialized.*/
> Neither errors make much sense in the context of where in the script this error is occurring. The script is attempting to write a file and it is failing. I am 99% certain this issue is a permission issue (no write access to the folder). However, have the exact and correct error message corresponding to the sysError() function returning a value of 13 would be nice to help troubleshoot.

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