how to write control-c to an open process?

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Jan 30 05:25:40 EST 2019

I just found a different way to accomplish the same outcome.

Instead of writing some special form of control-c to the process, I can 
get the ID of the process and issue a 'kill' shell command for that ID 
using the 'kill' format option that sends the same signal as the one 
sent by typing control-c. The outcome is identical to control-c but no 
control chars are required.

So this works:

    kill -s INT <PID>

Where <PID> is the numeric ID of the process I want to end.


Thanks -

On 1/30/19 12:58 AM, Phil Davis via use-livecode wrote:
> In a LC script I need to write control-c to an open process so the app 
> being run as a process will end. (At least that's how I can end it in 
> Terminal). Has anyone had success doing this? Please share what you 
> have learned about it.
> Thanks -

Phil Davis

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