Livecode manifest settings

David Bovill david.bovill at
Mon Jan 28 17:07:50 EST 2019

I'm hoping that a settings in the Livecode manifest file would allow the
embedded browser widget to access the camera. According to the Mozilla info
on the HTML5 API:


To use getUserMedia() in an installable app (for example, a Firefox OS
app), you need to specify one or both of the following fields inside your
manifest file:

"permissions": {
>   "audio-capture": {
>     "description": "Required to capture audio using getUserMedia()"
>   },
>   "video-capture": {
>     "description": "Required to capture video using getUserMedia()"
>   }
> }

I'm guessing this might be Specific to Firefox? Or is it relevant to
Livecode apps.  I've checked Livecode Indy and while it is possible to use
the camera controls - you don't get access to the nice features you get if
you just use the browser widget and HTML5 api - so ideally it would be
great to get this working.

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