hh hh at
Sun Jan 27 17:09:02 EST 2019

This is now updated to v102 that removes a display bug on Windows
where I could not make two cams visible at the same time. So, if
you have two cameras attached then you see on MacOS the display
of both and on Windows10 only the selected one.

Tested to work on MacOS 10.14 and Windows 10 with LC 9.0.2 Indy.

> hh wrote:
> *** The stack does NOT run with LC Community ***
> (Because it uses the cameraControl that is available in
> the Indy or Business versions of LC only.)
> Download IndyCam2 from "Sample stacks" or
> You can take snapshots with up to two (intern oder extern)
> cameras, may be also simple webcams.
> Each snapshot has at about 240 KByte.
> The snapshots can be filtered (directly in the stack) with
> one of the image effects from LCImageToolBox_89.
> There is also a timer for using this as timelapseCamera,
> shooting in intervals of 1 to 36600 seconds. While such a
> timelapse is running you can change the camera, the image
> filter and the interval.
> There is help in the stack.

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