Never, ever use the name of a built-in property as a custom property

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Sun Jan 27 05:37:16 EST 2019

Hi Geoff, for me the solution is to have a naming convention for all of a
developers / projects work - so everything is prefixed by 4 letters, and
then in the case of custom properties / custom property sets - to migrate
off them and just stick to arrays. The custom property / set syntax was
always confusing, and since we've had arrays there is as far as I can tell
no advantage in using them over simply storing the data you want as an
array in a custom property.

I guess you could combine the two approaches and use a top-level set? But
for me the simplicity of cutting down on that level of architecture and
just using well named custom properties with arrays stored in them has the
advantage that you can refer to them directly in script without any library
to make the job easier?

On Sat, 26 Jan 2019 at 21:34, Geoff Canyon via use-livecode <
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> I just found that Navigator breaks when editing the custom properties of
> datagrids, because of the custom property dgProps["style"]. When I
> originally added custom properties to the property editor in Navigator it
> was simple: I pretty much had to add one line here and there, and I was
> done. Namely:
>       if the cCustomProperties of me is true
>       then set the customPropertySet of tID to (the cCustomPropertySet of
> me)
> And then set the properties as usual. So easy. But setting the property
> breaks if the custom property is "style", with the error that the object
> doesn't have that property.
> So now I'm spending time going through Navigator and replacing the above
> with code like this:
>          put value(merge("the [[pCustomPropertySet]][
> [[quote]][[P]][[quote]]] of [[pID]]")) into pIDP
> (if anyone has a cleaner solution, I'd love to hear it)
> So: use unique names for your custom properties. Prefix them all with a "u"
> as some people do, for example.
> Or don't. Navigator's next update will accommodate you anyway.
> </rant>
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