Should I forget HC? Honestly?

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Sat Jan 26 13:57:53 EST 2019

Yet one more take.

Years ago, when I first started LC, I still mainly used HC for business and
pleasure. I still do.

I was one of those die-hard nostalgia types that accepted LC, but all the
while stubbornly stuck to, and extolled, my HC roots. Revolutionaries die

I regularly update and modify the dozen or so HC stacks, running on a
peer-to-peer network, that still form an important part of my business.

When I do that work in HC, I have to unlearn LC, and that process made me
long ago realize that I had changed to a LC revolutionary, almost without my
realizing it. The unlearning, in every respect, shows me that LC does it
better, more elegantly, more natively and, well, better.

HC is, I am embarrassed to say, embarrassing. I would never tell anyone
that, of course. This is not its fault. It is just old, and though it once
was miraculous, it is now, relatively, feeble.

Treat it like a grandfather. Love it, but do not discard your cell phone and
install a wall phone in your kitchen. You know, the one with the six foot
cord. That was a miracle too, in its day.

Craig Newman

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