Navigator 7.2rc1 is available

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Fri Jan 25 01:58:50 EST 2019

As usual, you can get Navigator here
<>. Or grab it
from GitHub <>.

For details read the release notes
<>, but briefly

-- fixes the color sets being borked by an earlier release.
-- significantly improves the relayering code -- again.
-- -- It was a minor thing, but it should now be possible to have a group
be the topmost object, and drag a control below it in Navigator's list, and
have the control *not* placed into the group, which is now consistent with
the behavior in any other circumstance.
-- -- Also, there were circumstances where Navigator would start editing a
group to place a control into the group, and then fail, leaving the group
in edit mode. This should now be fixed.
-- -- Finally, the relayering code has again been simplified. Details below
if anyone is curious -- it's weird.

If you find any bugs, file them here


To achieve uniform behavior with the simplest code, here are (most of) the
relayering steps in pseudo LC:

set relayergroupedcontrols to true
set layer to 1 -- this gets the control out of any groups it is in
set relayergroupedcontrols to false
set layer to 9999999 -- the control is now at the highest level
if target is group then
   set relayergroupedcontrols to true
   set the layer to 1 + the layer of the target group -- the control is now
in the group
   set relayergroupedcontrols to false
   start editing group
   set layer to 9999999 -- the control is now at the highest level of the
end if
if targetobject is not empty -- the object to place the control just under
-- if empty, the control should remain at the top
    then set the layer to the layer of the targetobject -- works whether
editing a group or not
if target is group
    then stop editing group -- need to make sure to use a "background"

This doesn't include the logic for using the option key to move/copy if the
control is from another card, or duplicate/move if from the same card.

Also important to use simple references that don't include the full
hierarchy of groups, since that will fail while editing a group.

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