change http to https, what to do?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Jan 24 05:46:34 EST 2019



I have some http communication with some PHP programs on my server. The PHP
programs reside in a password protected directory.

I want to change the http communication (put URL) to https (the server has a
certificate) because of the new European Basic Data Protection Regulation.


When just changing the "http" to "https" in my URL I get the return message:

"tsneterr: (35) schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed:
SEC_E_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE (0x80090326) - This error usually occurs when a fatal
SSL/TLS alert is received (e.g. handshake failed)."


Are there any general options in LiveCode, I have to prepare to communicate
via https or what else do I have to change?

Thanks for any experience.



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