Displaying or identifying emoji

Ali Lloyd ali.lloyd at livecode.com
Thu Jan 24 03:45:41 EST 2019

For the specific examples you have there, simply putting the strings
through textDecode(<string>, "utf-8") will give you your emoji back.

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> > On 23 Jan 2019, at 2:15 pm, Stephen MacLean via use-livecode <
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> >
> > You say you are importing them? From where? A text file or DB?
> Basically, Stephen, I take what I am given.
> Could be plain text, Word, HTML , even spreadsheetn- and often I don’t
> know any intermediate steps between the original chat record (on whatever
> device and in whatever software was involved), and the final format I
> receive.  Usually I get a digital record, but the last one I received was a
> scan of a fax of a Word document.
> I was hoping for easy way to back translate, gobbledegook to emoji
> ID/code, but it looks like maybe there isn’t one.
> Thanks to all who chipped in.
> Cheers,
> David Glasgow
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