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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Tue Jan 22 18:06:55 EST 2019


 > I'm working on a solution for this

 > collaborative with the minimal possible barrier to entry
 > integrated into developer workflow - that means the script editor

 > personal project wiki's for the software a developer is working
 > on directly from the script editor

 > Thoughts? Feedback on this?

As a "KISS man" (bet Richmond will have fun with that!) my only advice 
is: Don't make it one bit more complex than it must be.

Meaning simplicity both for maintenance/quality AND for performance 
speed/memory. The Script Editor is already a bit chubby, huffing and 
puffing on many machines during a modest jog, and the Dictionary is 
waddling around even slower and shakier on my budget hardware than I 
move around myself as a handicap person. :D

What people need most in the Script Editor is to view and edit the code 
itself smoothly, without jitters or delays; the primary function of SE. 
After that, debugging and variables and search are very helpful. 
Something like a project wiki would come below all those in priority, 
and better not slow things down any further. A wiki could just as well 
be external to the SE or to LC - but if it plays nice, doesn't use 
cycles or memory or real estate unless it's turned on, sounds cool.

Supporting a list of standards and whizbang features is nice, but user 
comments for keywords are the essence. I would just as soon have user 
comments for the Dictionary kept fairly simple and kept in the 
Dictionary, rather than in the SE. But it sounds like you have a dream 
for this, and I'm glad to see the passion. This will be interesting!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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