Us and them? [was Re: Livecode Dictionary]

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Jan 21 15:13:19 EST 2019

Oh, fruit-flavoured socks . . .

If many developers do not trust Microsoft, who can change their term 
anytime, and
no one knows what they will do . . .

One could wonder about the same sort of thing about other software 
even those who keep changing their commercial licensing arrangements in 
a way that
sometimes seems haphazard and unpredictable . . .

Trusting software developers, especially developers on who one's own 
efforts depend is always
going to be an "iffy" thing, but so, then, is almost everything in life 
one has to rely on
that involves other people; so worrying about Microsoft, if one spends 
too much time on
it can become fairly unhealthy: and what about Apple, Canonical, and so 
on and so forth?


My objection to bunging user stuff for the LiveCode dictionary on GitHub 
has nothing to
do with Microsoft, but has a lot to do with accessibility.

Way back when with LiveCode 4.5 end-user comments/feedback/hints in the 
appeared almost as soon as someone who added them opened LC while they 
were connected
to the internet . . .

I also (possibly incorrectly) had a feeling those comments "came 
through" unfiltered by the mothership.

Now I would suppose stuff going to GitHub does not get rolled into the 
Dictionary until the
next LC release, and only if the mothership lieutenants approve it.

Now, if I am messing around "trying to be clever" with LiveCode I 
generally need and am grateful for
all the help I can get: and if Fred Flintstone (that well-known LC 
developer) found something out
this morning which will serve me well this afternoon I have no great 
urge to wait 6-8 weeks for
that to filter through to me.

So . . . it would be lovely if, unless there are serious objections,
the Dictionary inwith LiveCode to regain its previous functionality so 
we can help each other
just that wee bit more.


On 21.01.19 0:22, Rick Harrison via use-livecode wrote:
> Many developers do not trust Microsoft, and neither do I.
> Things may be fine right now, but it is the future that
> concerns me more.  They can change their terms at
> anytime, and no one knows what they will do.
> Just a word of caution.
> Cheers,
> Rick
>> On Jan 20, 2019, at 2:50 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Rick Harrison wrote:
>>> I do not believe most of LC’s users are interested in signing up
>>> for GitHub and having to sign an agreement with new owner Microsoft
>>> too.
>> In what way has Girhub's TOS been changed after Microsoft's acquisition which would be a concern to LiveCode developers?
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