HTMLTEXT of a Browser Widget in Properties Inspector?

hh hh at
Fri Jan 18 10:59:36 EST 2019

> BR wrote:
> and you have a "flicker" as the "cache" htmltext seems to load
> and then the my code set it.  
> So, now the question is... is the htmltext of browser widget
> a saved property?

I already answered both in my last post! Especially:

= To avoid flicker hide the widget until it is ready (a few ticks)
= The htmltext *is* a persistent property *of the widget*, saved with
the stack.

The htmltext are instructions for libbrowser to build the native display.
It is NOT a saved videobuffer of the current native display.
So it takes some time (a few ticks) to build this native display again,
especially if there are images to load.

Properties of widgets are user visible if the author implemented this.
To make the htmltext of the widget user visible is no good idea
because this would make the property inspector (mostly) unresponsive.

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