windows defender issues? & other AV issues

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 17 10:39:37 EST 2019

Lagi Pittas wrote:

 > A POS system that I wrote saved a few arrays and text on exit. It
 > worked beautifully in  99.9% % of the time but every so often the
 > user would start up and the file was corrupted some how - I  saw
 > the tilde file (exactly as word does (used to do it?), when view
 > extensions for known file type was enabled in windows.

Yes, that's one of the things I've enjoyed about using stack files for 
storage, the engine's automatic safe-write procedure that makes a backup 
of the old file before writing the new one.

Of course we could script our own routines to do that, but I don't mind 
a little convenience now and then.

Imagine how much worse those users would be without that safe-write.

 > In the end I just created another table in the sqlite database and
 > saved the encoded  arrays in there - never a problem since.

Did you ever find out why the engine was having difficulty writing those 

What did "the result" show?

Beyond the implications for end-users is for all of us: if there's a bug 
that prevents writing stack files under certain circumstances, it will 
prevent us from using LiveCode under those circumstances.

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