windows defender issues? & other AV issues

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Thu Jan 17 10:15:44 EST 2019

Well, thanks for all the comments regarding failing to save the data stack
distributed with a compiled splash stack. Each case is different. In this
case, I have to actually go by my promise to not install anything on the
target machine that is not visible inside my app folder. The user can just
remove the folder and that's it - by agreement. So, that actually disallows
even storing anything else in any writable directory in this particular

The data stack uses data separated from UI and data is read-only. The user
saves data to a text file. That all works well. The saving of the "data"
stack that includes the separate UI has mainly one purpose: to allow the
user starting from where he/she stopped working with the application. But
this is not crucial and I will simply not save anything. The stack will be
as is.

I just feel that we should know what the problem is that corrupts the stack
when saving and the original stack filename is appended with the tilde
character? Well, corruption is a big word here since the stack itself is
not corrupted or does not appear to be, but something is not right. It is
more a principle question now. As Curry mentioned, it happens elsewhere.

Is there any way to detect and catch an error when saving?

We are deviating a bit from the subject here which is "Windows Definer and
AV software". Still, there could be an issue related.

Saving either from the IDE or saving the compiled in any case (with or
without corruption) takes way too long time. My tests disabling Windows
Defender did not change this but I still do not rule out that there could
be something related to AV. It needs further testing, maybe also on other

And I can not ask clients to disable Windows Defender or change the
Defender settings anyway. I have no control over such machines and it is a
big company with some users using my app. They are mostly illiterate even
to open Windows Defender or they are not permitted to change any settings.

But generally said, I would also prefer to go with a proper installation
tool, read from and write to files in the AppData or Documents directory
and keep data separate from the stack -- even though if this is possible in
principle, it should not create problems also using stacks for data
storage. In many cases, it is a very simple straight-forward solution as
everything is easily accessible. A stack is just not a good database
solution if data is well structured and there is a lot of data.


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