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any new insights?
I am working on a fast windows 10 machine with LC 9.0.2.
No message box open, no project browser open, almost all new fancy editor
options off, no plugins.
Though very laggy input. Sometimes I write a whole line and the characters
appear, when I am in the next line. That’s not really usable.
Has anybody found any tweaks, to speed up the editor again?
Is the windows defender an issue or only a guess? I have installed Kaspersky
and I once have read, that any third party AV tool shuts off the defender,
because it replaces it. But I don't know, if this is the case for all
defender functions.
A workaround would perhaps be, doing the edit in a LC 8 version and only
when it comes to building the standalone or using any new features,
switching to LC 9. But really?
Any new insights welcome

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As something to test. I've noticed that the script editor problems worsen
when either the project browser or message box have been opened, the longer
these are open the more the script editor ... in all of LC 9 series gets.

If I do not have the project browser open or use the message box then the
degradation in speed does not in my case materialize so quickly.

I have seen the same slowdown effect on a 64b Intel i5 4440 @ 3.10GHz with
8GB and a newish I7 620 2.66GHz 64b laptop with 16GB ram installed.

I have no plugins activated, in fact, I tried with the plugins folder

It would appear that ide messages are hanging somewhere along line?

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