screensChanged ? (was Re: screenRect and screenLoc weirdness)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Jan 14 08:22:56 EST 2019

Related to this: is there any possibility of getting a "screensChanged" 
message? I work on multi-monitor setups all the time, and have not been 
bothered by the issue with screenRects because they've always told the truth 
relative to each other.

However, the problem is that my set-up changes multiple times a day. Mostly 
it's taking my laptop in and out of meetings, so switching from one 
multi-monitor set-up to single monitor; but sometimes I'm plugging it into a 
meeting room screen, and sometimes mirroring, and sometimes I end up with the 
three screens.

Many apps (including, to some extent, the LiveCode IDE) respond when this 
happens. But my own apps can't unless I specifically ask them to.

AFAICT there is no message stacks can get to tell them to get the screenRects 
again and take another look. Could there be a "screensChanged" or similar? (Or 
we could even overload "orientationChanged" for this purpose, although that 
would be probably be an error.)


On 11/01/2019 15:59, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
> I was probably the first person to mention it. I get around it by setting the position of my stacks when opened or resumed to be within the bounds of the monitor. Actually, this will happen when switching from the single built-in display of a laptop to a dual display with the laptop closed (built-in monitor off). If the second display is a lower resolution (as it likely will be with retina displays) the OS will position open windows in the nearest spot that can display the entire window if possible.

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