windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Mon Jan 7 22:29:58 EST 2019


 > But writing files - damn! Now I understand what the reporters
 > in the forums have been talking about.

LOL, great test to verify the impact, but it incredibly closely follows 
my documented prediction on Dec 12:

 > A relevant question on our side of the equation is whether LC
 > is constantly accessing file(s) while we type or make selections
 > in script editor and if so, the wisdom of and necessity for such
 > an approach. I wouldn't recommend it because it's unnecessary
 > and prone to trouble. (If it turns out LC is not doing that,
 > sorry - my assumption, based on antivirus getting into the picture.)

And supporting all my remarks today regarding my theory that the cause 
of the issue was actions taken by SE/IDE to open up merely typing to AV, 
something we would not expect ideally, AND also the performance perk 
that might be a side effect for all cases, if that theory was correct.


 > I honestly don't have the quick-fix answer that will keep
 > our customers happy with disk-intensive apps.
 > Sugggestions?

Hmmm...since this all based on my seemingly correct predictions (?) 
without crediting them and while simultaneously having made inaccurate 
accusations against me (weird) how about what I suggested today:

 > Per common sense and best coding practices, the actions taken
 > by the IDE while we are merely typing and selecting text
 > ideally should not open the doors to get AntiVirus products
 > involved continually.

Just as I suggested before in the bug report. There is no need for ANY 
typing window to CONSTANTLY access an outside file. The most 
time-crucial parts should either be moved to memory or be done with care 
and timed appopriately. If that turns out to be the issue, I was right 
all along despite the your late hysterics.

Naturally what goes for the IDE can also be used just as well for any 
app, to continue quoting myself today.

 > Actions that may get vetted by AV, or that may use
 > greater system resources, need to be considered carefully
 > in terms of approach, timing, and responsiveness.

Pretty obvious - I've known for 20 years not to constantly access files 
while typing, and to space out disk reads and writes appropriately. And 
I've seen and helped repair similar issues for users. Always minimize 
file usage, time it appropriately, not per second or N times per second 
when someone is typing, or during animation for that matter, since we're 
talking about apps made with LC. Pretty basic coding technique indeed.

How about those "Good Coding Habits 101" suggestions from myself? :D

Like my motto: Good methods, good habits, good results! Now potentially 
applicable to the IDE itself, something I've taken a lot of heat for 

Best wishes,

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