file: vs bibfile: usage?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Jan 4 12:54:13 EST 2019

I have seen example in the dictionary, for example in the LC901 
Dictionary under "textEncode" entry, where LC9 text (in a field or 
variable) is encoded as UTF-8 and written to a file as:

puttextEncode(tSomeText,"UTF-8") intoURL ("file:"&tSomeFile)

However, my understanding is the the "file:" identifier tries to do 
"intelligent" line ending translation for the platform LC is running on. 
So in order to produce true UTF8 platform independent output, the 
examples should be

puttextEncode(tSomeText,"UTF-8") intoURL ("binfile:"&tSomeFile)

In other words, should not the rule be that when outputting anything 
other than "native" text (MacRoman (OSX) or Latin-1 (Win) or ISO for 
Linux), should it always be written a "binfile:" (i.e binary) so the 
coding is not changed?

Does any LC expert know the answer to this?

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