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Andre Alves Garzia wrote:

 > Be aware that YAML is tricky to parse, there are better formats such
 > as TOML which are much easier and tend to be less error prone. It is
 > very easy to get some indentation wrong in YAML and move something up
 > or down a level. TOML is IMHO a better format for such stuff.
 >    YAML:
 >    TOML:
 > There is also StrictYAML which removes some problematic features from
 > YAML. Anyway, I think that if all you need is something that maps to a
 > hashmap that is not too deep (thats important) then TOML is a better
 > format.

Story so far:

Assertion: XML will solve everything!
Reality:   bloated

Assertion: JSON will solve everything!
Reality:   If you happen to do everything in JavaScript

Assertion: YAML will solve everything, and be human-writable!
Reality:   Sure, but it's so hard to parse not even robots
            can do it well.

Assertion: TOML will solve everything, and be human-writable,
            and be easily parseable!
Reality:   I'm dizzy, and going to lie down. Wake me when anything
            actually solves all everything, or next Tuesday when
            the next serialization-format-du-jour is premiered as
            the thing that will solve everything, so we can all
            enjoy throwing away this week's code for a week with
            the new kid on the block until next week's kid on the
            block shows up.


The longer I've been in this business the more comfortable I've become 
defining my own purpose-build formats as needed.

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