[ANN] Release 9.0.3 RC-1 - Plugins are listed in PB after loading a stack

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Tue Feb 26 13:34:30 EST 2019

A couple of things,
I have seen JLG's problems now and again after terminating a script while
I solved my weird message box behavior by commenting out the preopenstack
handler(below) in my library stacks. These have been in my library stack
since v4.6. I wonder why it's causing such crazy problems now?

On preopenstack
 start using this stack
 set the randomSeed to the seconds
end preopenstack

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at evergreeninfo.net

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On 2/26/19 1:58 AM, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello Matthias,
> This is probably caused by this change:
> https://github.com/livecode/livecode-ide/pull/2011/files

Semi-unrelated issue: is there any reason not to sort tFinal at the end of
revIDEGetAllPlugins? That would allow for an ordered loading of plugins
based on their names, vs the random order now.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at gmail.com

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