Image "Size"

hh hh at
Thu Feb 21 15:15:16 EST 2019

Release 9.0.3 RC-1:
Thanks Panos (especially) for your work of the last months.

The "size" field for images disappeared a while ago and is now back.
TMHO the name "size" may be misleading. It is

= not the size = (width, height) of the image,
= not the size of the raw data (=4*formattedWidth*formattedHeight) in Bytes,
= not the filesize of the image when saved as single image to disk (which
depends on the image format, thus it is empty for referenced images),
= not the size of the LC image representation in RAM (which depends on the
resizeQuality of the image) in Bytes.

It is the size of the image in Bytes when saved as part of the stack to disk.

So a valuable info.
But perhaps it could be called "sizeInStack"?

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