Livecode with Window 7

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Feb 19 22:03:50 EST 2019

One of our volunteers uses Window 7, (2009 his last update). He says it the best windows version there ever was.

I tried to make a standalone for Windows that would work for him.

But the ask and answer dialog do not appear on screen, I tried them "as sheet" but they still are missing. Clicking "enter" should, in theory, trigger the "OK" even if they are off screen. But that is also no working 

I have "Search for required inclusions..." in the SA setting. Livecode is picking the other things required (internet lib and XML etc) . What about  the Answer and Answer?  But "as sheet" should appear in the stack window area...that  is also not working...


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