LC902 and LC901 Hang with Answer (was Crash)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 18 19:47:18 EST 2019

Thanks. Curious to test this out, I copied the first 110 characters of 
that sample data and pasted into a field 10 times, resulting in more 
than 1k of text with no line breaks.

When I used:

    answer the text of fld 1

...I get the answer box appearing as expected, with the text cut off at 
a reasonable length but no hang - the Answer window's OK button responds 
efficiently as expected.

Tested on Win 10 and Ubuntu 14.04, using LC 9.0.2.

Happy to run other tests to help pin this down, so please feel free to 
share any details that might help us reach a reproducible recipe for a 
bug report.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

JJS wrote:

> I can share it as it is not with the final salt etcetera:
> id=&blabla1=some&blabla2=realtext&blabla3=dUpYlgY%2Bue9z25iNuQjbXw%3D%3D&blabla4=dUpYlgY%2Bue9z25iNuQjbXw%3D%3D....... 
> etcetera
> i changed the column names to blabla and id is empty because of 
> auto-increment
> you see the plain text is URLencoded after encryption and base64decode
> Other (normal) text is working ok.
> Op 18-2-2019 om 21:27 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
>> JJS wrote:
>> > Op 18-2-2019 om 01:49 schreef Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> >>
>> >> What is the total length of the data?
>> >>
>> >> And what happens when you output it to a field in your stack rather
>> >> than the field in the Answer dialog?
>> >
>> > I just tested it.
>> >
>> > Then it works as expected and does not hang.
>> >
>> > Total chars are 705
>> >
>> > 25 variables of which 13 are encrypted, and that what is encrypted is
>> > plain text, single lines of text and/or nr's
>> Sounds like the makings of a bug report. 750 chars of plain text 
>> should not hang the Answer dialog.
>> Can you share that text?  Can you reproduce the hang with other text?

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