LC902 and LC901 Hang with Answer (was Crash)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 18 15:27:03 EST 2019

JJS wrote:

 > Op 18-2-2019 om 01:49 schreef Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> What is the total length of the data?
 >> And what happens when you output it to a field in your stack rather
 >> than the field in the Answer dialog?
 > I just tested it.
 > Then it works as expected and does not hang.
 > Total chars are 705
 > 25 variables of which 13 are encrypted, and that what is encrypted is
 > plain text, single lines of text and/or nr's

Sounds like the makings of a bug report. 750 chars of plain text should 
not hang the Answer dialog.

Can you share that text?  Can you reproduce the hang with other text?

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