LC902 and LC901 Hang with Answer

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Feb 17 13:46:11 EST 2019

Sphere(Jerry) wrote:

 > anyone had this before? with LC902 community on win10 64bits
 > When i put 25 variables into a variable like this:
 > put "id=" & tId & "&name=" & tN & "&address=" & tA ......and so
 > on....into varSendData
 > half of the variables are --->
 > encrypted--->base64encoded--->URLencoded
 > then
 > answer varSendData ----just to check if it is correct what i post to
 > my php middleware
 > LC902 crashes, it's just unresponsive and have to close it via
 > taskmanager

To diagnoses this it may be helpful to see if we can separate the 
complexities of text rendering from the complexities of modal dialog 
event loops.

What happens if you display that text in a field rather than in an 
Answer dialog?

If the text begins with "<p>" and ends with "</p>" LC will attempt to 
interpret it as htmlText, as Jacque noted.  Is that the case with your 
data?  If so, what happens when you set the htmlText of a field to that 

 > Now i did not see this before and it always worked.

What changed between the working and non-working states?  Different 
data?  Different LC version? Something else?

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