LC902 and LC901 Crash with Answer

JJS jjs at
Sun Feb 17 07:12:56 EST 2019


anyone had this before? with LC902 community on win10 64bits

When i put 25 variables into a variable like this:

put "id=" & tId & "&name=" & tN & "&address=" & tA ......and so 
on....into varSendData

half of the variables are ---> encrypted--->base64encoded--->URLencoded


answer varSendData ----just to check if it is correct what i post to my 
php middleware

LC902 crashes, it's just unresponsive and have to close it via taskmanager

Now i did not see this before and it always worked.

So deleted preferences file, no luck

downloaded LC901, same issue

If i uncomment the answer then it works as expected

all other answer commands in the script work normally.

So is there a limit to what can be shown by the answer command or are 
the encoded elements the cullprit?

I know with normal text you can show a lot.

thanks Sphere(Jerry)

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