Need crash course in Dropbox library

pink nabble at
Thu Feb 14 09:12:13 EST 2019

Sorry for asking like this, but I need a quick tutorial in using the dropbox
library. I have an app that is running on an older Mac with Dropbox, and
Dropbox is discontinuing support for the OS. (Really it's a long story, but
the bottom line is that the video processing software runs faster on the old
Mac than it does on newer machines, no idea why)

The task at hand... I need to upload video files to a folder setup for a
specified client on Dropbox. The folder may not already exist. The dropbox
account will always be the same. On average, the files will be 800MB each,
so I can't use the standard upload, I need to use the upload session, but I
am really unsure as to how it works. 

Can someone point me towards what i need, or give me an example of how to
use the upload session commands to upload a large file?


Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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