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Thu Feb 14 05:08:36 EST 2019

Hi Brahmanathaswami,

LiveCode said a while back that they were looking at a snippets system..but
this seems to have passed on by.

And I started building a snippets system for my own..but then thought
instead of the time needed to maintain this, I thought why not just put them
on public GitHub gists? and then just have a simple search system.

So I started adding snippets and handlers here a while ago: <>  

The simple gist search that I built sort of grew into a more unified search
system for LiveCode related subjects.
Best used as a compiled standalone.

One of the strengths of using GitHub gists to store snippets and handlers is
that if they are in a public repository they become searchable, which means
that we do not have to maintain a central LiveCode snippets handlers
library. Each GitHub user can host their own code samples and these become
available to all as long as they are tagged as Livecode.

Andy Piddock 

My software never has bugs. It just develops random features. 

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