Widget TurnImage89_v135

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Feb 11 21:15:48 EST 2019

While making another example stack for the TurnImage widget
I missed some features and added them to the widget.
So we have now in version 1.3.5:

(1) The two images are now also saved with the widget.
(2) The sometimes appearing stripes when animating are gone.
(3) The rotation axes can optionally be set to 9 combinations:
    three for the xAxis (top, midth, bottom) by
    three for the yAxis (left midth, right).

Feature (3) allows turning pages effects as for books, see the
example in "FlipCards2".

Find the new version of TurnImage on "Sample stacks" or at

The second example stack "FlipCards2" is also available
on "Sample Stacks" or at

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