Datagridhelper iOS Scroller when using 2 Datagrids on one card

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Mon Feb 11 18:49:52 EST 2019


in an iOS app i need to use 2 Datagrids, lets say DG1 and DG2, on one card.
The datagrids have the same location on the card and are shown and hided
with a button. After adding content to DG1 i send  "DGHiOs_CreateScroller" to it to create the scroller.
When i switch to DG2 by setting the visible of DG1 to false and the visbile for DG2 to true  and switch back after
some time to DG1 the scroller of DG1 is not working anymore. Sending again "DGHiOS_CreateScroller" to it does not work.

Tried also to delete the scroller of DG1 before switching to DG2 and vice versa.

What are the correct steps to get iOS Scrollers working with each of the Datagrids?

Is there something special i have to keep in mind?



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