Bay Area Maker Faire

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Mon Feb 11 13:50:37 EST 2019

FYI for anyone coming to the LiveCode conference in May... the Bay Area 
Maker Faire is the previous weekend at the fairgrounds in nearby San 
Mateo. If you're making travel plans, it's worth coming a day or two 
early to catch the Faire.

Why is there (almost) nothing on the web site about the conference? 
Seems every time I look at the web site it gets worse. The only notice I 
could find about the conference is in tiny text at the bottom in the 
sitemap. You have to already know there's a conference coming up in 
order to search all over the page in order to find the link.

Srsly? The earlybird conference price has now dropped to $99? WTF? My 
earlybird ticket cost six times that much. If the price drop is because 
you're having trouble getting people to sign up for the conference then 
maybe that's because THERE'S NO MENTION OF IT ON THE WEBSITE. How about 
doing some outreach/advertising? Do I get a refund?

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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