Datagrid Table - Allow editing a field only when an other field contains data

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Mon Feb 11 10:59:30 EST 2019

Yeah, when we first began to brainstorm about a real table object, some people wanted just a simple row,column object where each column, row or cell could be formatted a certain way. Others asked for more complex things. What we got then was a programmable table object that a developer could code to do pretty much anything he wanted it to do. The datagrid library is like a new extension of Livecode Script. 

What I find however as with other languages I've dabbled in, is that I never need or use the full set of commands and functions, but only a subset of them as needed, and I become very familiar with those. I code out of necessity. :-) As a result I'm pretty good with tables, but customizing display based on data I haven't toyed with much, and form datagrids not at all. 

Bob S

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> @Bob S 
> Thanks for the link. Visited it and realised again that DG is very complex. ;)

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