Widget TurnImage89_v100

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Thu Feb 7 20:36:24 EST 2019


the installer button should work, did you use an earlier stack?
The widget is not downloaded by the installer button but is a
custom property of the downloaded stack:
** You have to download the sample stack for each new version. **
Sorry, as soon as the "widgets store" works I'll use that.

Installing works here, please try again. Trash the old stack.

** And before going to "Sample Stacks" please clear the revonline
cache in the LC preferences. **


Just uploaded a new version 1.2.0, that removes a bug that crashed LC
when resizing the widget in pointer mode. This now does nothing with
the images, the widget simply clips to its new size.

(Thanks Bernd for the report).

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