Widget TurnImage89_v100

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Wed Feb 6 22:54:37 EST 2019

I tested now more intensive the widget with LC 9.0.2 on Win 7-10
and linux (Xubuntu 1604).

It works as it should but I changed the (only partially working)
sample stack:

I had to rewrite the video grabbing loop so that the browser widget
has no problems on windows and linux.
Especially on Xubuntu1604 it works here now also OK with the video.

(New feature) Additionally I also changed the video loop such that
you can turn also around diagonal axes, change turnH or turnV while
the image is rotating for that. There is a new button "Reset" for
returning to the ordinary rotation axes.

The widget is not changed, only the sample stack. So if you already
have installed the widget just download the new sample stack (which
of course has still the installer button) and you are ready to try.

Download the changed stack from "Sample Stacks" or

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