Setting behaviors in 9.0.2

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Mon Feb 4 16:45:07 EST 2019

J. Landman Gay wrote:

 > On 2/4/19 1:01 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
 >> J. Landman Gay wrote:
 >>  > I just found my unsettable behaviors. The IDE set them as custom
 >>  > properties named "behavior" with the value being the long id of
 >>  > the behavior button.
 >> Was that in a custom property set, or the default set.
 >> If the latter, disturbing.
 > It was the default set. But I just tested it again with a clean
 > re-launch and 9.0.2 worked correctly. The behavior was set as
 > expected.
 > Back when this was happening the script editor went wonky too. Trying
 > to navigate through script text with the arrow keys occasionally
 > resulted in page navigation instead, where a card obviously not meant
 > to be seen was displayed.
 > There was other weird stuff too that I can't recall, but if any of
 > that was due to implementation of IDE behaviors then it kind of makes
 > sense.

I'm hoping it's just an IDE issue, but unless I misunderstand what you 
describe shouldn't be possible without a serious issue in the engine:

Imagine setting the rect of an object, or its text, or anything else, 
and having those become custom props rather than setting the built-in props.

As part of a non-default property set, names of built-in object 
properties should be acceptable.

But in the default property set, the results could range from confusing 
to disastrous, depending on the context.  Indeed, the engine should 
never allow it, should it?

If you stumble across a recipe please pass it along. This one is murky, 
and concerning....

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