mobile dev confusion

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Dec 30 08:29:20 EST 2019

I go straight to my Moto6 device. It so fast. For some reason my "gut" doesn’t  trust the emulators. In fact, I can never get to work on iOS, it always hangs, tell me I can't load etc. It would be a problem it if

a) loaded the emulator
b) failed the device.

Takes 6min 24sec to load to iPhone
Take 42 second to load to my Moto6

"used to be" back in early days of 2018. I could trust that

  1.  If it worked on the Moto6
  2.  it worked on iOS

Now Apple with new "bent on innovation" and coming up with update every couple of weeks… it a "crap shoot" to know whether one module (stack) or another maybe be failing on iOS, and since the remoteDebugger is not working, it takes a loooong time to debug. I put a hard "breakpoint" in the scripts, but the Script Editor never opens… to let me step through thru to find out what line is failing. (

Maybe when the IDE in ready for Catalina, this problem with be solved.


Yes you are right Sannyasin.

And on your desktop you can use the very fast x86 / x86-64 emulator
which you can use directly via the test button in the ide(of course
first load the emulator)

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