Polygon Side Does Note Match to Polygon rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Dec 29 08:30:13 EST 2019

Thanks Howard, I have a "design tools" stack, which I can toggle as a palette, focus on the top card of the stack I am building.. I'll add a card with this in a button

"Make equilateral triangle"


Obviously you want an evenly sided triangle with fixed width W? So use

put 243 into W -- for example
set points of grc 1 to "0,0,10,-10,20,0,0,0" -- these are start-values only
set width  of grc 1 to W
set height of grc 1 to W*sin(pi/3) -- note: 243*sin(pi/3)=210
set loc of grc 1 to 150,150 -- adjust to your needs

What's easier than that?

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