A Windows 10 WTF

Peter Reid preid at reidit.co.uk
Tue Dec 24 05:50:32 EST 2019

Hi Tom

I'm not sure about Windows 10 behaviour but I had a similar problem with Windows 7. It seemed that my LC app was not releasing the processor long enough to handle basic user I/O. The solution was to add the following to all my tight loops:

	wait 0 milliseconds with messages

The 'with messages' is the key element, this made the LC app hand back control to Windows to handle other system activities. I add this line to all my loops when running under Windows. Give this a try and let me know whether this helps.

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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> Hi Peeeps,
> So I have a standalone running 24/7 that was built with LiveCode.
> When I use Livecode the IDE to work on the application (that I am also
> running as a standalone), and the IDE locks up for whatever reason...being
> busy or whatever..... my standalone application also locks up (window
> become unresponsive).  As soon as the IDE is responsive again, so is my
> standalone window.
> I have a 4 core machine...and nothing else seems to be locking up.... just
> the IDE and the standalone.
> Why is the OS insisting on the 2 processes sharing a core?
> Has anyone come across this before?
> Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it.
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