[ANN] Release 9.6.0 DP-1

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at sonic.net
Wed Dec 18 21:22:30 EST 2019

On 11/26/19 3:26 PM, Brian Milby via use-livecode wrote:
> I have a couple and at least one is directly targeted at mobile (7154).  6404 is Vulcan reviewed but not yet merged (and is the oldest one I have outstanding).  Both are widget updates.
> For the IDE I only have 1987 which had a conflict that I just resolved (allow nesting of DG behaviors).

Since the beginning of July 2019 I have:

15 sitting in the IDE queue waiting for review.

And 5 in the engine queue, 4 waiting for review, 1 that for some reason 
failed the Travis check for not having environment variables set 
(#7157). Not sure how to force a rebuild on Travis without a bogus 
commit. One of my engine pull requests, though, (#7127) is waiting on 
the team's use of a modern linux version, and that apparently is waiting 
on CEF support.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at gmail.com

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