Missing keys in datagrid?

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Wed Dec 18 08:19:44 EST 2019

Hi Trevor,

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>>> ...
>>> So my guess is that you are populating the DataGrid with data that only
>> has
>>> 10 columns. Could that be the case?
>> No, I really provide an array with all my columns in it, empty or not.
> Given how PrintKeys works it would appear that the keys are being removed
> from the internal sDataArray array. You can inspect the array yourself by
> putting the dgData of the DataGrid into a variable and setting a
> breakpoint. Or assign the dgData to a tree widget as Richard suggested.

yes, already did and ALL columns are visible when viewed in a TREE View widget!?
So everything looks OK, I was just a bit unsure due to the discrepany of the different "views",

Thanks to all!

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> Trevor DeVore



Klaus Major
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