windows standalone performance

Neville neville.smythe at
Fri Dec 13 18:11:32 EST 2019

> Sean wrote: From what I can tell from QC is that it has not been confirmed and been marked as pending due to not being able to reproduce.

The bug is clearly marked as status CONFIRMED.

There was a stage when QC could not reproduce the bug on their machines, but Panos did confirm it “on older machines”. Brian Milby has also seen the bug, as well as of course our latest correspondent.

I have just confirmed the bug still exists under LC9.5.1, in both standalone and the IDE, in Parallels Desktop on a Mac Pro running the latest Windows 10, typically taking 7 seconds to save a 8MB stack — of course that is emulating the OS but I believe speeds on native hardware are comparable (or worse).  

My user who initially reported the bug to me has acquired a new PC on which the bug does not seem to happen (tho’ it is a blindingly fast machine!) so as most of my users are Mac people I lost interest in the bug until this discussion. Not being a Windows user myself I am not going to research the actual processes and cannot assess on what hardware configuration the bug occurs --- clearly not all PC’s are affected.

If you want to test on your own PC a test stack (actually a wrapper standalone and a data stack data.livecode, together with the source slowSave.livecode) can be downloaded from <>

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