Standalones and the defaultFolder

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Fri Dec 13 11:31:45 EST 2019

Hi all. 

I was given to understand that in a standalone, when I open another stack it by default looks in the folder the executable is in first, and then in some other places if it doesn't find it. This used to work and now does not. When for instance I issue the command "go stack devices" where devices.rev is in the executable folder, it throws an error that it cannot find the stack. 

This is something new with v9.5.1 rc1. I've determined that setting the defaultFolder to the folder of the executable resolves the issue for that instance but what I am going to have to do is set the defaultFolder when I first launch the app, then go through my code and deprecate the use of setting the default folder, and using coded full paths instead. 

Bob S

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