windows standalone performance

Neville neville.smythe at
Thu Dec 12 20:23:41 EST 2019

Hi Sean

The slow saving of stacks under LC9 occurs in Windows 10, native and using Parallels Desktop. <>

Mac, Linux and previous versions of Windows are not affected.

The bug was confirmed by Quality Control although not initially; so  it is evidently related to some particular configuration of Windows 10 - although my Mac Parallels setup is out-of-the-box as was the native Windows machine of the user who reported it to me. It is not affected by turning off Windows Defender and AV software. There is nothing special I can think of for the particular stack being saved (except it is large, to demonstrate the saving speed); the example stack is in the bug report. When the "save stack” handler activates you can see the temporary file created on the desktop of Explorer immediately, but then a long wait for the file write to complete.

Saving a file from LC, rather than a stack, is not any slower than for other Windows apps (so sqlite performance is presumably not affected).


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