HTML5: Native PlainText Fields

hh hh at
Thu Dec 12 17:30:58 EST 2019

We already have HTML5: Native RichText Field

This is now a bit simpler (and simpler to implement):
HTML5: Native PlainText Fields (basic example)

The stack, downloadable from

has a script of 90 lines. This includes (beside comments)

• all you need for creating a native input field (one line)
  and a textarea.
  Both display plain text only but with all usual keyboard
  features (UTF-8 and cmd-A/C/V/X/Z) and drag&drop.
• all you need for the UTF-8 text exchange between LC and
  these native fields.

All you have to do (in LC 9) is to unzip the stack and hit
button "TEST" from the LC toolbar.

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