Groups in the message path: Trapping Mouseup

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Dec 9 09:30:35 EST 2019

In this use case, 

- the button "starWidget"  is a "standalone" button on an independent layer on the card  and not a part of any group
-- @Jacque... the groups that are trapping the mouseup I are background groups using on various card.
Mark Weider says "A background group will definitely get the message before the stack 
script does. Also any script being used as a behavior."

BR: is this "really" expected behavior? gosh, I hope not! "Encapsulation"would mean

-- background groups: "encapsulated" only receive mouse/touch events from objects that are contain in "itself" --  group 
-- behaviors: "encapsulated": only receive mouse events for the object or group the behavior is assigned to.

Isn't this a bug?  Otherwise, "We have chaos on the Highway 666, total car wreck on the Message Path"

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