Groups in the message path: Trapping Mouseup

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 8 14:55:29 EST 2019

I think this a old problem that is re-surfacing. Or else it is known….

9.6 dp1, in the message path different independent groups are not encapsulated.

button "starWidget"
-- has no script
-- is not a part of any group

Stack script:

on mouseup
          put the short name of the target
          put the short name of the target into tTarget
          switch tTarget
                   case(s) # various button names
                   # consolidate all UI actions that not part of a group
                   # to the stack script
          end switch
end mouseup

# the card are several groups,
# each with its own mouse handlers

# I click on button "starWidget"
-- nothing happens…hmm, no errors either…
# start profiling scripts (new trick I found)
# click on button "starWidget"
# stop profiling scripts:
          # Voila! the mouseup was trapped by one the other groups, as if they were in the message path.

Is there any way around this? Meanwhile I have to plug into every button explicit handlers. Tedious, make debugging painful…


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