Good News! Audio Working with AVKit on iPhone 7 and 8

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Dec 4 20:37:41 EST 2019

Yay! Good news! 

A build with 9.6 dp1 with xCode 11.1 with a fix for the new use of AVKit in iOS.

On Test Flight my iPhone 7 and 8 users, who had failures previously on iOS 13+ with the mobile audio player  built in LC9.5 ... now report that audio is working!

More Apple Caveats: FYI: Don't be surprised or dismayed be the fact that Application Loader is missing in xCode. Go the App Store on the desktop. Search for "Transporter."  Now it has an "Add App" on the home screen. After that is the same behavior as Application Loader, and took my SivaSiva.ipa as before.


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