Achilles Heel of Livecode

Colin Holgate colinholgate at
Tue Dec 3 08:03:23 EST 2019

For Mickey Mouse, he would have been updated 12 times per second, and almost all cartoons you’ve ever watched were animated at 12 frames per second. The film was projected at 24 frames per second, and all normal movies you’ve seen in a cinema were also at 24 frame per second. PAL TV is 25 frames per second, and NTSC is 30 frame per second. So, those frame rates are clearly acceptable.

But, they are animations and not scrolling. With scrolling, updates of 12 per second are very noticeable, and even 30 frame per second can be seen as not smooth. Open a browser on a mobile device and scroll the page. It’s smoothly updating at 60 frame per second. I think that’s what people are asking for, not animated GIFs.

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