OT: update RDS SSL/TSL certificates at aws

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Tue Dec 3 03:18:20 EST 2019


this is a little bit off topic, but I hope I find here some experts and
hints to this issue.

I have some LC programs which communicate via https to PHP programs on a
webserver. Those PHP programs communicate with a RDS database on a aws


Now I got a mail from aws, that they are going to exchange their SSL/TSL
certificates on the server and I have to take action to avoid interruption
of my applications. As far as I have understood, I have to do two steps. 1.
I have to renew the certificate from my RDS database at aws via the aws
console. Ok that seems to be some clicks at the aws console and that's it.

But 2. aws says, I should test my applications in an staging environment, if
everything works fine with the new certificates. And here comes my question.
I have no idea, what to test and what to look for, much less, where in my
PHP or even in my LC programs anything reflects to SSL certificates and
where I could change anything (and if yes what), if the test would fail.


Perhaps I am thinking to complex and all this isn't related to my apps at
all, but it scares me, because of the aws announcement "to avoid any broken


Has anybody experience with this issue in relation to LC and PHP?


Thanks for any hints how to handle this issue









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